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Not gooood برنامج 👎🏻

برنامج فاشل

Yea right

HAHA almost had me....SIKE!!!


Sends emails that trap users into renewing subscriptions unintentionally, without benefit of confirmation. Too expensive for its kind. Is this how this app makes money? By taking advantage of unsuspecting users? Apps like this should be banned!


Worst app I’ve downloaded. First the app features didn’t even work properly and then they charged my card through my Apple account without warning.

Always a catch

And in this case, an extra unreasonable catch. GET REAL.

Not worth it

Who the hell pays that much for a subscription? You be out of your mind or got to be smoking some dope.


Don’t buy it.

Wayyy to expensive

I didn’t even try to play around with it. $24/mo is ridiculous in my opinion.

Its not free

Its not free

Subscription puke..

Are you kidding me?? $24 a month??? Get the heck out of here. One star son.. that is ridiculous. Didn’t even try the app. No thx.


I really wonder if there is people who actually pay to be able to use this app. This is a little too expensive for a wallpaper app😕😕

Deleted it immediately....

There is nothing free about this app and the asking price was absurd.

Deserves less then 1 star

It’s an app for BACKGROUNDS. And there is absolutely nothing free about it. I had to fight with the app to even see what it wanted me to subscribe for since all it kept doing was blocking my view with their subscription ad(that’s btw 8$ per wk)I added to app thanks to their Instagram Ad, BUT IT DOESNT EVEN DO WHAT INSTAGRAM SHOWS. FRAUD SCAMMING APP. With that being said, no I did not pay for the subscription.

Where’s the help button...

How do I erase the wallpaper

Don’t download

Nothing is free on this app not even basic edits

Can’t even use it

I’m not sure why I would have to be on some type of subscription to even use one wallpaper. Why can’t I simply use a free one to see if I like it instead of having to be on a subscription?

waste of time

you can’t use it without paying money... don’t waste your time🙄


Do not buy this app, I download the app but it wasn’t the way they said. They give 3 days free but after that they charge $24.99 at month for one year, and there’s no option to cancel. I call apple so they can help me, thanks to them I cancel but it took me hours words app ever!! 😡


$25 a month. No Sir. No Thank you.


I am not gonna Pat 25 dollars a month! That’s insane! Why can we have it how we had it before; you download the app and if you like it you just upgrade? This whole paying a monthly subscription has to stop

Demasiado caro

Demasiado caro por tan poco no vale la pena



Waste of money

So I have to sign up for a prescription before I even use the app... come on seriously. They need to look at apps that are similar to theirs and see how they do it. I’m not going to sign up for something before I have the chance to use it.

Useless and way too expensive

To everyone thinking about downloading this app, don’t, it’s ridiculously expensive and nothing works like the ads on instagram did, it’s a scam don’t download, just use zedge if you can

The ads lie & it’s not worth it

Good business model to make money tho

Burn it,


Instagram Ad

I saw this on insta sponsored ad and wanted to try out. It ask to put in credit card info for 3 day trial. No thank you! The app is generic and I would never waist my money.

Extremely misleading

I’m not concerned about the exorbitant amount of money they charge monthly. I wanted to use the free trial to do what the ad specifically detailed you could do, which is turn your regular photos into cartoon photos. That’s literally not a feature on the app at all😂 like it’s not a paid feature, nothing. They straight up lied in the ad. I’m not an entrepreneur but I’m pretty sure that’s not cool. Good luck with the 30$ per month subscription for something thats not worth paying 1$ a month.


Not recommended

Bad app

Trash trash trash don’t download


Even not download one wallpaper

Waste of time

I wouldn’t even bother downloading it.


All the comments below seem pretty accurate, too expensive, false advertisement, and basic.


Why I’ll pay for this basic filter app even before checking properly. You should make it free for few days and then you can ask for money

Not worth it?

IMO don’t even download.

Charged for no reason

This app is a scam I didn't sign up for the subscription and it charged me for it anyways

It doesn't work

All adds and pop ups, no content. Everything you click on spawns a new add.


Way to expensive there’s no way ide pay almost $100 for subpar images

Another company trying to get rich.

No we will not pay 25$ a month to you.


you have to pay for nothing..

So bad...

Do not install this App!!!

Hate it

Worst app ever. You can not do anything waste of time

How did this make it into the App Store?

This app is a scam. I’m disappointed that it even got approved to be in the App Store. Apple do better.

Charging $24.99 a month

Paying 24.99 a month for a wallpaper is absurd. Not to mention there is still ads in the app


You want me to pay for doing nothing ,,, cant even try app without subscribing

Totally a scam !!!!!

There are reasons for my claim: 1. Nothing will appear like what you’ve seen in their fb ads 2. The option “free trial” come with an auto subsciptions of 24.99$/month and you just cant cancel it in their apps, to cancel it you will have to go through these steps Settings>itunes and apps store> click on your itunes account> view apple id> subscriptions > cancel trial They are trying to make money from unawared customers Beware !!!!!!!



Don’t want to waste time to use it

Toooooo many pop out ads. I want to try how to use it, the ads pop out in every 5 second. Hate it

Cancel this App

Please take this app out the App Store. They are a scam and it doesn’t even work. Smh trashiest app ever

Thumbs down

This is garbage.. what was advertised in the ad isn’t eve featured on the app.

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